6 Things You Should Not Do in Your First Date

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Too Much About Your Ex

No one wants to hear your sad love story on their first date. This advice is suited to almost everyone.

Judging Their Relationship Status And History

Sometimes you say, “How can someone cute as you not be in relationships?” or “Who can even divorce pretty women like you?”. Don’t say these.

Too Many Personal Questions

The main goal of the first is to get a chance for a second date. Every relationship had to be step by step.

Criticize About Others

For example a waiter. He may take 1 hour to prepare your meal. Don’t be impatient or rude and mostly don’t curse him in front of her.

Comment About Age

It’s OK to ask your date about her age. But you have to care about how you respond.

Don’t Order For Her

You may want to show her that you are confident and dependable. But don’t tell women what she wants to eat and order for them.



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Kannan Ravindran

Kannan Ravindran

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