6 Things You Should Talk About in Your First Date

Photo by Ave Calvar on Unsplash

Admit You Are a Little Nervous

Just admit that there is no reason to feel ashamed. Because more likely your date will admit to being a bit nervous as well.

Talk About Their Hometown

Well, you admit you are nervous, and you both exchange mutual smiles. But your date still looks uncomfortable.

Talk About Their Family

As you talk about their hometown, your date gets a little comfortable with you. Now let’s talk about their family.

Talk About Hobby

This is where you define who you are. Mostly your hobby defines what kind of person you are in your free time.

Ask About What They Are Good at

We are doing Hobbies for passing time, but sometimes hobbies create a skill. Sometimes hobbies may be the main reason to manifest your skill.

Ask About Close Friends

Just like you talk about your date’s family, ask about their friends. Ask that they are still in touch with their childhood friends.

Don’t Worry if Things Don’t Go as You Planned

Don’t sweat it, because if life goes as you planned, there will be no fun.



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Kannan Ravindran

Kannan Ravindran

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