Know These Things in Your Life

Learn to Let GO

Listen, you can’t make people stay on your side.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Some may look like they are perfect in everything but they are not. No one is perfect. In this world no one is perfect.

Try to Understand Your Lovable Person

When you fought with your boyfriend/girlfriend or the person you love. We only think about how could they do this to us.

Forgive Yourself

Yes, forgive yourself. Yeah, that’s right. You may think, that’s easy. Come on, if you said that you didn’t try to forgive yourself.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Yes, this is the starting point of success. First, get up from your bed and do it. Because we can’t make anything from nothing.


Don’t hang on to anyone, that they are not supposed to stay in your life. It doesn’t matter if you love them or not. Let them go.



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Kannan Ravindran

Kannan Ravindran

Enthusiastic Blogger | Developer | Personal Development | Relationship Writer