Ways to Monetize your Written Work

Piggy Bank
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1. Amazon KDP

KDP — Kindle Direct Publishing. The author can directly publish your ebook on the Amazon website and can set a price for an ebook.

2. Medium

Medium is a website where writers get paid when someone read their articles. If you write an interesting article, and if it attracts more people to read for a long time, you will earn more.

3. Blog

Most of you at least hear these words, Blogger, Blogging, Blog Post.

4. Freelancer

You can write a blog post for others for certain money. There will be so many offers for you in many category writing. You can choose them, you can reject them. It’s your freedom.

5. Quora

Yes, Quora has a monetization space, Quora+.


If you are starting now go for Medium. You just need to get 100 subscribers. Subscribers from Medium are just like Youtube, if you give at least average content, you will get subscribed. Be aware that your country is eligible for Medium Partnership Program or not.



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